A Brief Examination of Objectivity

Kwadwo Agyekum
2 min readMay 24, 2020


Objectivity: “the state or quality of being objective; external reality” (Dictionary.com)

What’s On My Mind? The external reality. Or at least acknowledging it. Trying to acknowledge what is actually happening around you. To humble yourself and open your eyes and mind and see what your life is actually like. To see how people, your loved ones, and the world act and who they all are. By being objective, you can object the stories you’ve created about someone or something.

Perhaps you’re not as overweight as you thought you were. Or maybe your close friend is not as genuine as you previously thought. Whatever the case may be, objectivity can make or break your reality.

Some of you fail to absorb or at least look at your external reality. Why? Perhaps it’s due to fear. Fear of the reality being worse than the reality you have created in your misleading minds. Although that story makes you feel cozy, it isn’t correct. Another reason could be insouciance. You just don’t care about acknowledging the facts. In fact, you may disregard the facts and evidence and go along with what you think. If that’s you, then you might as well add delusional to your biography.

For those of you who do look objectively, I commend you. I commend you for being brave and acknowledging your external reality. Thank you. I can imagine that doing so might have made you sit in a corner thinking, “Is this actually happening”, followed by your soul screaming “YES!!!” You might have felt nauseous and felt sweat dripping from your forehead as it mixed with the tears rolling down your cheeks. I can imagine some of you took a deep breath and quietly or vociferously repeated to yourself a bible verse or mantra. The list of emotions and reactions are endless.

What do you do after acknowledging your objective reality? What do you do after breathing in perspectives and etching the evidence into your brain? That is up to you.

What’s incredible about objectivity is that the reality may not even be real! It’s as shocking as realizing that how you look in a mirror isn’t how others see you. Nonetheless, you still absorb the image you see in the mirror right?


[1] Dictionary.com. (2020, May 24). Retrieved from Dictionary.com: https://www.dictionary.com/browse/objectivity



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